Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ufo sighting

I've been working on making shuttles this morning. There's a lot of empty time in between layering. I began by winding threads, emptying almost empty shuttles. Then I moved on to organizing my things. Finally I just gave up and went to my UFO containers. I ened up with my pinata. Please excuse the dirtiness of it. At first I thought I only had the loaded shuttles. Later I found a ball of maybe enough thread to finish this. Now I need a nap. It's over a hundred degrees, and lethargic is a condition I'm fighting with real hard.


  1. Oh how unique your shuttles are I make shuttles too there is a wooden rabbit at end of my blog. Haven't finished this little batch I started, just lethargic feeling too and not as hot here in Tennessee. Have got a blog love for you to check out if you care too, its called "Carollyn's tatting blog" Maybe we could trade shuttles if you collect them too?

  2. I started following your blog. That rabbit shuttle is so cute! I would love to trade shuttles, but first I have to finish the ones for my test tatters. Would you prefer the small or longer style?

  3. I'm fascinated by your shuttle making! It's nice to see it "in progress".