Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A request

Shuttle making again. This time in the Lady Hoare style of shuttle.
This was a how-to instructional request from Facebook. You can read the entire process here.
I'm trying to not get so caught up in shuttle making. I do have my fair entries to finish and three weeks to get it done! But it can be so tempting.

I'm currently awaiting an order from HandyHands. The previous package they sent me was *cough* mis-delivered *cough* according to my postal service. Actually they have no idea what happened to it. The delivery worker says he delivered it, but my Honey was waiting and was told we had no mail that day. I had to wait until Monday to try and get a trace. Good thing we have video surveillance on the post boxes here where I live. We have proof no package was brought and my Honey talking to the postman. Now I'm awaiting another one. I will be siting next to the post boxes myself, tatting, when my box is being delivered. I love the track package options we have now.

While out stocking on some more tatting supplies locally, I found a clock making kit on clearance for $6! As soon as I saw it, I thought of Karen Cabrera's Tatted Clock. I was thinking that it would make a nice Christmas gift for one of my in-laws. Speaking of which, I have to hurry and finish the rosary for my mother-in-law. Her birthday is in a week.


  1. your shuttle looks great and I have worked with resin stuff too, I left a little tip for bubble removal on the other post you might like!