Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Go with the flow of things

I'll be honest..since the debacle I haven't done much in my MomCave. I just made sure nothing was plugged in or turned on, then locked the door and stayed away.  Partly because I was still angry and looking at it just fanned the fire, when it happened, I was in too much shock for the situation to fully sink in. Two other factors took over as well, work in the real world and my fair entries. My last day off was a blur, I can't even remember what I did. My MIL's birthday is in two days and I concentrated on finishing the rosary she requested from me last year. I was just going to finish the necklace portion to one of the three crosses already finished. After about three rings I realized it was too small.
Pattern by Karen Cabrera

 I began again in size 20 Plum from Lizabeth. Honey says this one looks better because the purple has a richer color tint to it and MIL will " LOVE IT! ". I got all the way down to the first top ring of the actual cross before my shuttles ran out of thread. I went looking for the holder for more, then realized I'm almost all out! I'm pretty sure I have enough to finish it. I need to go run an inventory to see what needs replenishment.

My latest small order from It was 'Lost/Misdelivered' by my Postal Service. Barbara was so kind to resend my order and I truely appreciate the personal calls. I ordered some size 80 Majestic thread just to get a feel for it and because it was less than $2/ball. If I didn't like it, it wouldn't matter.

Pattern: Occhi Schiffchenspize by Langwieser/Scharowa
So far I'm enjoying it. It's colors are so vibrant and although it does feel softer than DMC in the same size, I do like tatting with it, now I just have to try this size in Lizabeth brand. I stopped on the final row of the peacock feathers because I was trying to decide if I should add the blue or keep it all green. My Facebook tatting friends suggest adding it to bring all the colors together.

Pattern: Linda Davis

Using the Periwinkle color from Lizabeth I began making some of the flowers for my "Garden theme" fair tatting.  I was going to make a collage but in the end decided on making a topiary with different sized/colored 3D florals. This particular theme is going to be the most fun to make. I do have to pick up some large Styrofoam balls to finish constructing the base that will eventually hold all the flowers. I could just buy a pre-made one, but it doesn't take much to make it, all the supplies are available at my Dollar Store. I need to pick up some small storage containers anyways.
Why won't the picture load correctly? Oh well, sideways view
I did pick this up. Upcycling at its best! They were going to throw this display rack away and I jokingly asked for it. To my happy surprise, I was told I could take it home. I even have the hanging hooks to go with it. With a little bit of modification, I can make storage shelves on both sides and really get organized. I'm even tempted to make a door plaque with the top of the display and have it say.."MOMCAVE" and hang it outside the door to my craft room. Now all it needs is a longer work table and some spinning workshop chairs and I'm all set! Maybe I'll pick up some Craftsman chairs from work this holiday season, that's when they're the cheapest and they think of the cutest designs for them too.


  1. All of the tatting looks good I see what they mean about add the blue to the peacock that do make it work.

  2. I understand why you had to close off the room and walk away. Sometimes it's the only thing to do. It looks like you're going to be plenty busy for the near future. Good luck with your fair entries!

    1. Thanks. It was hard work ..oh well, it was a teaching moment for everyone. At least it's an excuse to resupply.

  3. I'm so impressed that you are directing your energy into tatting other projects (all looking great) and giving yourself some time to 'breathe', I also love your enthusiasm for your visions for improving your craft room/Mom Cave! I like that name! That rack is a great find! Good luck at the Fair!

    1. Thanks. The good that came out of it surprises me. If it hadn't happened, I wouldn't have gone to the store where I eventually got the rack. Plus now my Honey stays quiet and just agrees when I talk about anything to do with fixing up the Momcave. :-D