Friday, August 2, 2013

I can post comments again! For the past few weeks whenever I try to reply to comments in bloggerland, I can't. Not on my blog or anyone else's. For those who may have felt I don't appreciate your thoughts or encouragement or appreciation, I'm sorry. I really do. Instead of going back and commenting on each post I thought it more time conservative to start off today's post this way.

I got lucky last week and picked up a pair of shuttles on ebay last week. They arrived today! One is a Hero and the other has no name or label to identify it.
These are for my collection. I don't want to load another pair of shuttles up with thread to end up having another UFO on my hands. The previous owner had size 10 thread loaded into the larger no name shuttle and it spread the tips too much apart for my personal tastes. It's still usable but I don't like such a gap between the blades on my post shuttles. If I dropped it, the thread would unravel for a few turns. Probably not an issue for size 10 but a definite No, No for size 40.

Todays agenda is to finish those last two shuttles so they can be on their way to their new homes tomorrow then work on my fair entries.

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  1. I read about putting the shuttle in hot water and peg the ends with a peg until they dry, that closes the points, I have one to try as I have not done it yet, it might work on your new shuttle.