Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's finally cooling down where I live and I love it. There's no comparison to the sense of satisfied peace I gets then sitting outside with a cup of warm tea and having the cool air touch my skin. It energizes me. I left for work too early today and now I have an hour to waste. I head over to Starbucks and get me a hot tea, decide to update my blogger, then I'm going to pull out my shuttles before real llife intrudes.

I signed up for Sherry's TIAS, although I'm behind. I'll download the first two days and begin later today. I also finished the second of the Dragons from Martha's Flights of Fantasy book. I think I'll work the Peagusus next. I did start encasing my zodiac family portrait in resin. I dont like how it turned out. I should have kept it clear.
Then I got a wonderful text..a 50% off coupon to Micheals! So off I went to get some molding silicon so I can go back to making shuttles! I used to hit both stores the same day when those coupons would come out, now they auto expire after one use. Looks like my stockpiling trips are the thing of the past now. I have online alternatives for the actual resin but surprisingly the silicone putty is more expensive. I'm not technically a business so I can't get the wholesale prices on it. Looks like I'm going to have to go back to Oyumaru.


  1. How cute this little guy is I like him! and If you have a smart phone you can down load the app for michaels and joeann and hobby lobby and let them scan it I love doing that!

  2. Dragon is darling. All the above apps are free. If you get the Sunday paper, Michaels usually have coupons there which are similar to the app!

  3. Great dragon, I love him, the book is on my wish list.

  4. This is too cute! Do remember to share your purchases! Always interested to see what is available locally in other countries.

  5. I love that little dragon, and he is on my to-do list. Sounds like you're getting back in the groove after your mini-disaster... good for you!