Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday recaps

Yesterday was a wonderful day for so many reasons. First off, my Honey made my favorite mexican breakfast dish, Menudo. Exactly the way I enjoy eating it. I spent a couple of hours playing my newest Pokemon X game for my 3DS. After our son got out of school, we all headed down to John's Incredible Pizza Company for lunch and some more video gaming. I won a giant red Pink Panther stuffy doll. My brother came and stayed with the kids so my Honey and I could go 'antiquing'. I felt like treasure hunting and boy was I surprised by what I found!
The very first case I looked into had the brown shuttle in it. The ticket said it was 'Pearl Tatting Shuttle', although looking closer at it, it appears to be shell.  It was out of my personal price range and even though Honey offered to get it for me, I resisted. It was so hard, but as I kept looking I couldn't believe all the different shuttles I found in this one store!
This lovely little hanky came home with me.  I also found a memento from my old fast food working days.
For those in the USA, you might recognize the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell Chihuahua". This one used to say " Te Queiro" or I love you. He said it once before the battery fully drained. I had two full sets of these doggies. They got lost over time, but one is enough to bring back the good memories from way back then. After that I received a called from my Gmom-in-law saying she saw on the news that Hobby Lobby had opened it's doors a whole day early. Even though Honey REALLY didn't want to go, he was a good sport and took us down to check out the store. I love it! They have an entire four foot section dedicated to just tatting! I controlled my urges and limited myself to only one Bone Shuttle from Yarnology.
The two wooden ones they had, didn't have the tips touch on the ends. There was too much of a gap for me. Then after we had dinner, Honey hollers out that he found my missing wallet! Even though I still had to wait for my new bank card, the Birthday Cash was in there and I made plans to go back today to put that to good use.

I also picked up a new type of resin to 'test' as well a different type of liquid silicon to make molds. We'll see how that works out. All in all I had a wonderful birthday experience this year. Now on to some of the tatting I'm working on.
I finished making Anne's Dragons in size 40, 20, and 10. I was trying to figure out how to connect them all together when I ran across this antique edging pattern. I liked that it reminded me a bit of clouds so I began. After a couple of repeats I realized that the free floating ring on rings would need stabilizing themselves.Maybe add a mignonette netting between the dragons?
I began again, adding beads this time, because Dragons need their jewels. I accidentally joined wrong on the first round which ended up giving a small raised flower motif to the side. I liked the way that looked but in the end, it wouldn't be very practical. I may just go back to the first version.
The good thing is that I actually wrote down what I was doing as I was tatting. Otherwise there would be no way for me to go back to this later and redo it. I think the design itself would make a very pretty, what do they call them, Slave Bracelet. I don't like referring to them as that, but what else do we call it? A Ringlet (Ring/Bracelet), Corsage, Gauntlet? *laughing* In any case, the way I'm currently working it, would make it an advanced pattern if I ever get around to finishing it. This sample is plain grey, but I think it would look wonderful with a slow/long color changing thread. That way you may be able to get the little flower cluster to come out a different color from the base. Food for thought.


  1. Happy birthday! It look like you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday! Your dragons are going to be spectacular, I look forward to seeing how you work all the joining and embellishing out.

  3. I don't know if you watch game of thrones, but your arm decoration reminded me of it..i just wanted to say AWESOME!!! and happy late birthday...and yes, i also saw the space in hobby lobby for tatting...i was also VERY excited, but totally felt there should have been a bit a few more books, some more lizbeth colors..

  4. Yes Happy Birthday I do so love shuttles and you fantastic dragon idea!

  5. Happy birthday and the bracelet is awesome!!

  6. Very best birthday wishes to you! And congratulations on your finds. Look forward to seeing how your dragons work out.