Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I finally finished the fourth round of Anna's Doily. Phew, say that five times in a row! *laughing* I have to reload my shuttles to do the final rounds. I went to add a hanging element to my zodiac project. It had a cup placed on it while it was drying which warped out the entire layer. I'm going to have to sand it down to level it out. *sigh*  Extra work I wasn't planning on.

I participated in Wicketats shuttle exchange. For my partner, I sent her three shuttles. A bone one I decorated with some stickers and coated with a light layer of resin to seal. As well as two of my hand made shuttles. One in the Lady Hoare style and one in the extended heart style. I hope she enjoys them. When I got home, my partner's package had arrived. Thank you so much Dauina-Marie!
I've never had a 'blinged' shuttle. I have had 'painted' ones but not in the style this one was done. It's beautiful and my littlest one keeps trying to sneak it away.
 Besides the shuttle I got a whole package worth of extra lovelies! I was blown away! I felt like a little kid opening up presents again. This sewing bag she sent is awesome! There are little pockets sewn in the inside to tuck things into. Also a matching scissors sheath. The beads are just gorgeous. My oldest daughter was trying to sneak those away for her own necklace making crafting. There was also included an adorable sugar skull needle cushion. I just kept carrying it around like a stuffy, keeping me company. I also got some buttons and other dodads to use for tatting.
 This hook is one of my favorites in the bag! It is just perfect for my hand. I've seen them for sale on Etsy but never got one because I was afraid the actual size would be uncomfortable for my smaller hands. This is perfect. I also love how it has the chain and ring attached. I can wear it as a ring so if I drop it, or it goes flying when I crochet, it won't go far.
 She mentioned in her card that all of these were handmade by her. I love handmade items, it makes it seem so much more personal and special. I need to find if she has an Etsy shop she's selling through. I wouldn't mind ordering a few more of these crochet hooks. I came across these small wooden spools when we went to check out HobbyLobby for the first time. When I went back to get some resin I got a small pack. They work great for small lengths of left over thread for when I don't feel like using up but want to hang on to it 'for later'. I unloaded a full spool of thread from the Aerlit shuttle in size 80.
 I have officially been kicked out of my MomCave. The cat has a foster kitten brother and it's safer for them in the Momcave. Also my teenager came back and we were sharing the room, but now I've been moved out. My little table was moved to the corner of the dining area and I'm trying to figure out where to put my bookcases and shelving. Most likely the shelving will be broken down and put into storage. I'm going to get a rolling LOCKING tool chest or maybe a stacked computer desk to put my supplies in that. I should have just done that in the beginning but I wasn't planning on having to give up my craft space again.
I've officially opened my Etsy shop. Although I haven't listed any shuttles, I opened it so I can make sure I set everything up correctly. Besides listing the dimensions of the pendant wrong, MM verses CM, it appears to be all good. After talking it over with my Honey, it was decided to list new items every other Monday. This way I can get in the habit of doing something. The question I had was, would it be putting too much pressure on myself to keep it going? I don't want it to become a 'job' but rather a way to 'destash' so I can get more supplies and continue to 'create'. I suppose doing this at the end of the year which is the busiest time of the year in the work world I exist in, was not the best of options. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes and adapt.


  1. Wow that was a beautiful way to display that dragon and the pretty glitter just a great idea hope it repairs well. You got wonderful gifts. and good luck with your etsy shop, I'll have to check it out!

  2. Lovely! I will be linking this post on my blog. I hope you don't mind!

  3. Gorgeous shuttle and lovely goody bag.
    Well done on opening your shop in esty I will pop over and have a look, hope you do well, it's a bit quite on there at the moment, well mine is.

  4. Good luck with your etsy shop. You'll miss your MomCave.