Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Playing with my shadow

Where have I been? Lost, sort of. I've been gobbled up by IRL (in real life) work drama that has stolen away most of my time that as I catch my breath, I finally realize we are into the second week of the month already. I can hardly believe it. My shuttles have laid silent but my resin is pouring. I finally have a working permanent moldel for the extended hearts shuttle so those will be going into production REALLY soon. I've also remade the molds for the smaller hearts shuttle and have another skinny style for small tats that don't need a lot of thread, in the works.

I'm going through all my patterns trying to find a simple but stunning 12 points pattern to make a clock out of. I picked up all the supplies needed, I just need a pattern. I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on..its my favorite type of reading. ^_^

I do have a pineapple doily in progress to show you...


  1. I'm impressed that you have progressed from experimenting with resin to making your own molds and very unique shuttles! And you're getting back on track after all your setbacks. The center of the doily makes a
    pretty motif!

  2. Looks a very pretty centre, look forward to seeing it as it grows,
    Life gets in the way sometimes, hope you can back on track soon.

  3. Life does seem to get in the way sometimes. I'm glad to see that you have been able to take some time to further your creativity!

  4. Looks like I have missed a lot of your beautiful tatting over the last while. I just have to say everything looks wonderful!! :) Love the start of the doily!! :)