Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I've been tatting with the rest of that Lizabeth thread from the last post. It keeps snapping on me. Not to say it's a bad quality thread line, it's generally not, but this particular color...if it snapped at me anymore it would need a group of backup singers wearing leather jackets. I'm halfway through the pinapple doily and I would like to finish it, but I'm going to have to start over with another thread. I just can't take hiding those start over threads anymore.

I found a copy of Christmas Angels and other Patterns by Monica Hahn while out and about. I'm going to make those patterns as my holiday tatting for my coworkers this year. It seems like a lot of nice quick tats to relax with.

An update for those wanting my shuttles. There's about 8 nearing the final coatings that should be ready to list this Friday. These are the smaller hearts style. I leave you a teaser photo. One with flash and the other no flash. The colors are mostly in blues with a clear one in there somewhere. I'm working on a batch of purples next, then maybe some reds or greens.


  1. This is quite a shuttle production! They are very unique!

    You'll enjoy your 'new' book!

  2. Very annoying to have a thread that keeps snapping.

  3. the shuttle look sooo shiny! what fun!

  4. The shuttles look fun, and if that was my thread it possibly would have been out the window by now