Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tatting Hearts

I'm starting my book tatting with Teri Dusenbury's Tatting Hearts book. The first few were made with size 40 Lizabeth thread.

The other butterfly seems to have flown away. 
Also for fun since spring is near, I began Renuelk's Snowflake Doily. I thought to do it in flower colors, and I'm happy with the current results. The problem I'm having now is deciding on what color to do the next row with. I think this pattern would be fun to do in all seasonal colors. Light blues and greys for winter, different yellows and dark blues for summer, and dark browns and red and oranges for fall.
I am working on the year long Jan book project. Mostly while at work on my breaks. The first doily from Jan's book is being done in size 20 mocha and ecru Lizabeth thread.

I've been recovering from alot of back issues and the pain associated with it. I try to rest (sleep) as much as possible. I've missed out a lot from all of Tatland. I have over 200 bloggerish posts to read up on. One that stood out and couldn't be ignored is what has happened to Crazy Mom. My heart and prayers to her and her family. Another is Jane Eborall's Tat It And See. I'm going to download the released portions tonight. I hope to get caught up soon. Not just my tatting but also my shuttle making crafting is something I need to get caught up on. Mostly I've been playing my Pokemon X game and while it is fun, after an hour of that, I fall asleep. I actually play it at night when I can't seem to sleep, just so I can.  


  1. happy to read from you again. Cheers.

  2. I am sorry to hear of your back problems and wow you have done many projects. I love the purple color in your heart I bought some of the same. Also I have seen that done before with snowflake patterns and I think it is wonderful to add colors that is just beautiful! Finally love this color combo of Jan's pattern very tasteful!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back, back pain is one of those that just won't let you do what you want, hope it soon gets better.
    Lovely pieces of tatting, the hearts are great even if the butterfly flew away.
    I look forward to seeing your Jan's doily will look lovely in those colours. And the other doily I am nit sure what colour you are going to use next but I am sure it will be looking great when you have finished it.

  4. Wow!! Looks like you have been busy!! The hearts are very beautiful!! :) Great doilies!! :)

  5. Your purple hearts are very pretty! I like it very much.