Saturday, January 11, 2014

The first post of the new year

One of my gifts this year from Honey was a tablet. It's a generic android one but perfect for just carrying around my PDF's of tatting patterns. He, of course, added a 32GB memory card because the poor unit only had 8G's of storage. I'm a bit embarrassed to find out that the memory card is not sufficient to store all my patterns. It only covers roughly a quarter of them. Which got me to thinking, if I have so many tatting patterns readily available, and the supplies to make said patterns, why do I only have 7 finished pieces in my possession? I also come to find that I have downloaded many of the old school pattern books but never really looked into them. That's the funny thing about computers, they log everything. Which told me exactly that. Now on some of them, the terminology is what put me off. Long hand instructions is not my thing. I loose myself in the wording..and my space, even when I use a marker, still gets lost. This is probably why I put up my cross stitching and never picked it back up.

With the new year, I'm making my crafting resolution: To work one book at a time, and to finish every pattern in said book, each month.

Of course I'm going to have to start with obviously smaller PDF's, let's not bite off more than I can chew..But there will be one particular book that will be my year long work in progression. I've begun projects like this before, and promptly abandoned them. So what will be my motivation to continue? How about for every book finished, I reward myself with a new shuttle. The ones I make for myself don't count (not technically cheating since they do require a bit of time to make). The larger or more complex the book, the more I can 'indulge' on the shuttle. Hmmm..maybe I should change that. For every book finished, I can purchase a new ball of thread. For every three books finished, a new shuttle. This seems like a better motivator. The real reason behind all of this. I'm trying to get my young children to understand and actively participate in the 'chores' and it's reward system. It's time they learn how to relate work with getting what you want. While they say you can never spoil a baby, you definitely can a toddler. Terrible two's are quickly warping to Trying and Wearing me out Three's.

With time now significantly slower IRL work, I get more time to spend at home and now I even have time for "ME" pursuits. Okay, my year long WIP will be Jan Stawsz's Tatting Theory and Pattern book. That particular book is a good choice. January is abbreviated Jan, plus, it will mostly likely take me whole year to do all those multi-motif patterns. Previous finished works do not count. Every pattern is to be newly remade. I'm even going to purchase a few large binders to make into Tatting Journals to mount the finished pieces. Perhaps now I won't waste time winding shuttles with no purpose in mind. I've seriously spent an entire week doing just that. I spent another day 'organizing' my collection of beads. It's not a large collection.


  1. I think we all download books and patterns when we see them for fear that they will disappear. I have a very large file of untatted patterns.

    As for the long-hand instructions...I often end up tracing a section of the work, enlarging it, and adding stitch counts. It fits my thinking better. I only refer back to the written instructions if something looks wrong/confused.

  2. That's quite a goal you've set for yourself! I wish you luck!

  3. That's one hell of a goal, I look forward to seeing how you get on.