Monday, February 17, 2014

My heart's will continue

Still working on the Tatting Hearts book. I finished one more larger heart from there in black. I was going to put it in the box with the others, when I decided to just sew it to fabric for framing. Until I get around to buying the frames (I'm such a procrastinator), I could put them in a binder. It was then, that I remembered reading about a fabric journal someone made for their tatting. A couple of hours of websurfing later, and I found Shirley Hays blog  which led me to TypsTatting's blog which gave me the motivation to do something similar. For now I'm going to put the fabric pages in sleeves in an 8x10 binder. Using a fat quarter fabric I picked up at Wal-Mart, I managed to get 6 'pages' to sew motifs to. I don't own a sewing machine, so hand stitching the edges around one square took a couple of hours. Stitching the motifs went significantly faster.
I'm also working on Renuelk's Honey Napkin, in pale purples as a request. Plus now there's a Spring Napkin to make! I still haven't gotten far on Jane's TIAS, but knowing it's reveal is a sailboat, I can use more *cough* normal *cough* colors, and not some that are bound to clash. 


  1. Your hearts are looking good and I too have made journal covers on my blog with the snowdrop flower. I love and have this heart pattern book too, looking forward to seeing your cover done up!

  2. Fabulous hearts!!! :)
    And your doily looks wonderful!!! :)