Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Tatting Day!

Motif for a scarf from Tatting Lace by Nihon Vogue
Today is a special day for us tatters in Tatland. I actually got the day off work, with no plans on what to do. I have several WIPs that need my attention. I think I'll save the actual tatting for when my toddler takes her nap. For now I'm just going to go through my several containers and get my paraphernalia under control. It's split between six different containers and I keep getting distracted when I go looking for a particular item.

Some of my HDT from a few years ago that I found while cleaning.
I purchased a couple of bulk Boyle shuttles from Overstock.com. Only to find out that I could have ordered them directly from Amazon.com for less. Oh well, now I know. I started to neuter a few so I can try my hand at decorating them. These newer Chinese versions of Boyle shuttles are really light weight. When I started to sand one down it smelled horrendous. I had to get my newest addition to sand it. I picked up a variable speed rotary tool to have more leeway with sanding. The other tool I had was okay but sometimes you just need that little bit of extra control.
I did a shuttle exchange on Facebook with a few people for the Boyle shuttles. I have more than I can use. Okay, you can never have too many shuttles. Still, I felt a little bit gluttonous with my recent haul. I sent a few to India and discovered it takes about 2 weeks for them to arrive. Some others went to Singapore and those took a few days longer. It took roughly 3 weeks for Singapore's post to reach me. I did an exchange with Val, and got these nice netting needles and motif from her. I think these would be good for when I want to take with metallic threads.
Random Disneyland photo from our last trip in "Ghost mode".

With mixed emotions, I will soon have my mom cave back. My oldest is moving in with my mother in a few days. It's become a bit if a burden for her to remain with us. She has transportation issues because of our location. Also some of her company have questionable behaviors that I do not want the younger kids picking up. As a mom I want my children with me, but on that same line of thought, I have to think of all my children and let the older ones go to be who they want to be. She'll be twenty soon, and that's old enough to leave "the nest" and take your life's responsibilities into your own hands.


  1. Looks like you got perks for cleaning! and fun trading, it's nice to have a collection I always say!

  2. Nice to receive surprises from exchanges, and fun to exchange.
    Lovely pieces of work in progress, hope you managed to get some tatting done yesterday.
    Happy tatting day.

  3. Very nice motif and doilies!! :)
    I have 3 adult girls and totally understand having to let them go to be themselves.