Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My Slider Shuttle arrived today! I already wound it up. I put it with my GR8 shuttle for size comparison. The hooks seem to be similar in design although the GR8 shuttle has a more "rounded" head to it. I can hardly wait to start tatting with them both to get a feel for them. Unfortunately, I am currently at work so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
I began making another trial cast for my more typical post shuttle. The current blades are coming out promising. I've learned my lesson though. Once I have a functional prototype, make a duplicate mild for the finished product.
A friend asked me to make her a slave bracelet. I made some random flowers and so far, it appeals to me.
 Currently I'm still on row 8 of Renuelk's Spring Napkin. It feels like a long drawn out section. Probably because I'm not certain I like the current color selections. When all the colors mesh the rows pass by so quickly. To add challenges to my shuttles, I've also restarted Jan's doily in size 80 thread. In white. It would make it easier to split climb from different rows, but the monotony of colors.....
Oh the timecard screams at me, off to the work world I go.


  1. well you did great and have to work too!

  2. How exciting! My new slider shuttle should arrive any day now. I can hardly wait!