Saturday, May 31, 2014

As much as I loved these past weeks at home, I was seriously getting a bout of cabin fever. I'm back at work and I've come to realize that I need that drama to balance my life out. I'm not going crazy and filling up my days with that, only a few days out of the week. A sort of transitional return. I've actually been more inclined to tat because of it.

I've picked up the Jan doily I began back in January. I finished the current row of multiple motifs and am now on the easier split ring row. Confession time: The real reason I went back to this doily was to empty the shuttles that I have attached to it. My Katalina wanted me to make her some princess gloves.

Crocheting some would be faster, but I already have a project in that style and don't want to create another UFO in that category. There's also the issue of durability. She is a toddler and I did not want to deal with the gloves unraveling with a snag. Instead of going through my library, I did a Google search for tatting gloves. It's so much easier to find images online, then find out what book it's located in, then see if I own a copy or can get it. I think Tatland can use a catalog system like that. I vaguely remember someone developing a similar system for PDF's of tatting patterns but can't seem to remember where or when. Ah memory, how you love to tease me with your knowledge.

I did find a 'few'. They are mostly vintage. Good thing, that means that if I didn't own the book I could probably find it online from the Antique Tatting Library. I began one using a similar stitch to the one I've used on the El Dorado doily. After the first two fingers I realized that I did in fact see this as a pattern somewhere. Now I'm on a scavenger hunt to try and find it. I think it was in one of the older magazines I have but don't quote me. I suppose in the end it wouldn't matter since I am modifying to fit a child's hands and the stitch count wouldn't be the same. Still references are important even if it's just a notation on the 'source of the inspiration'.

I was also trying my hand at this cute Top Hat pattern by Amalie Berlin. I think it will be a nice addition to the gloves. One thing to note is that your picots should be kind of large. Otherwise it will cup up too much and will not have that nice smooth look to it. Also, the pattern doesn't state when a picot is a join or just a regular picot. If you reference back to the photo of her completed hat, it becomes pretty obvious. I actually am doing this is size 10 so it will fit her head. What would be mini to me will be a good size fit for Katalina. I have to start this one over though, the short picots will not let this shape properly no matter what I do. Also if I work it in white, I can dye it to the lavender or whatever color my daughter wants later, along with her gloves when I finally finish them.


  1. It's fun to have a daughter's requests to direct your tatting! I look forward to seeing her gloves and hat.

    1. I'm getting constant questions on whether or not I've finished them. While I'm cleaning the house, while I'm bathing the actual cat, even when we are in the van heading out to do guess that's my reminder to NOT forget she needs her gloves.

  2. Beautiful works you have displayed, will be fun to see the hat done :)