Friday, May 16, 2014


Today began with the family taking a trip to the movies. We saw Godzilla! I love this movie! Even though it was a bit too long for the kids, it has a solid believable storyline. We grew up watching these movies as kids so I couldn't resist.
Dollar Store find!
 I mentioned in the last post about going to the Dollar store..I wanted to show you all this nice little cheap tool box I got there. I don't mean cheap just monetary wise. It's a thin resin material, and you can still see where they cut it from the larger plate. But, it's perfect to go mobile around the house with my projects and not have to worry about where I left stuff. I love the storage option on top for little items and the longer rectangle is long enough to hold a few crochet hooks and some pens. For a dollar, you can't beat the deal. For those readers that are in the United States, the store is actually called 99 cents and more!  I call all these types of stores Dollar stores even though there is a store called Dollar Store.

The camera lens is dead center

This little pair of  sunglasses are POV recording glasses, aka SpyGlasses. I picked them up on Ebay. There was a lot of different sellers and it seems that they are all selling the same thing with different names. I just picked a US seller and put my limit at $20. These were $14 with the shipping. Less than what I pay for my regular sunglasses. Anyways, the reason I bought these is because a friend of mine wanted to learn to tat. Since I'm on medical leave , our little lessons in the breakroom have had to stop. I thought it would be practical to shoot some short videos and send them to her mobile phone so she can watch whenever. Also it makes it so much easier to not have to deal with my tripod and finding the right angle to record crafting videos. Granted I've only done a few, but I got time on my hands and one of the videos on Youtube has a request for a Tatting-in-real-time feel to it. I haven't tested them out yet. They came with no instructions, but there's plenty of YouTube videos showing this style of glasses, I'm sure I can figure it out. In any case, it's a new toy to distract myself with for a bit.
Speaking of online purchases, my shuttles from the Russian maker have finally arrived!
She sent them in a wonderfully protective box. They have a very light weight feel to them. The colors of the grain are gorgeous. If you should happen to order them, let me give you a piece of prepared to wait 2 months to receive them. I like them but may not use them as often because my tatting time is being cut down..for this...

 I'm making molds for my shuttles! It's still a 3 part casting and assembly. I haven't been able to find a workable solution to do one solid shuttle at a time. At least this time the blades are already balanced so hopefully it will be minimal sanding needed on them. Don't expect my Etsy shop to be stocked soon though. I'm going to make multiple molds and see how well they turn out before making sale-able shuttles.

One last project. The base for the floral decoration is almost complete. I had to reinforce the wire holding the tea cup suspended. It wouldn't do for it to fall after filling it up. I have not used so much hot glue since I bought that gun. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out in the end. I have to put the finishing touches on my Gmom-in-law's birthday present so off to craft I go....


  1. Wow, love the idea of using spy glasses to make a tatting video! Move over, James Bond.

  2. Love the tea cup idea, flowers pouring out will be nice and a pretty doily under will be great too :) Molds look good and because of the way thread clips in a shuttle, I can see where 2 parts is the best for construction. I think that go pro camera is what I will get one day, But hate that the spy glasses where ever made, have to take more attention in bathrooms and playgrounds who is using them, but bad people always find a way to pervert things.

  3. Glad to see you making shuttles again. Wish the best for you. Marie