Sunday, May 11, 2014

We interrupt this flight for this...

With mixed emotions...I have been given some time away from my work life. What does that mean? Well, it's supposed to give me an opportunity to de-stress from the day to days. The best way I know how to deal is to get crafty! Today, we went treasure hunting..sort of. I knew what it was I was seeking. Unfortunately, we started the day too late for this particular adventure to be fruitful. In the end, I did get what I needed for my project.

Getting my small motifs all together

  I also picked up some much needed supplies for my resin casting. The dollar store here is my weakness. I go in with a limit on what I am getting and always manage to leave with nearly double or triple that! This time it was the storage containers that got me. Those sneaky rascals! I rationalized it with, 'If I can't find it, how am I ever going to finish my projects? I have too much little stuff just laying around everywhere. I need to get it organized, again.'
Beads received in an Facebook exchange

I've actually been tatting. I was on a roll making my friends' Slave Bracelet. Then I realized I made the piece too busy. It looks cluttered. I began again. This time the connecting chain from the ring to the center piece was too long. Starting again, I just decided, less is more. This time I'm beginning the bracelet portion of it and working my way up. I'm also using size 10 crochet thread to both, give it a 'softer' feel to it against the skin, and to finish the project faster. I have no pattern in mind, just kind of winging it and see where the thread leads.

On Renulek's Spring doily:

I just cut off that entire section and decided to just use the River Glades color on the entire row. If I want more color I'll add it on other rounds. I also began her Summer Doily.  I actually started it three different times without realizing it. The most recent I moved up from the size 40 thread I always use to the 20. Problem with this, is that there is limits to my color selections. Since I only downloaded the first 3 rounds, I just used what I had. As I continued I realized that it reminded me of a watermelon. The rings being the seeds. Watermelon is my favorite fruit in the summer. How appropriate! I'll have to see how further rows go before I can see how the colors will play out. Once I can remember where  I placed that particular version I'll add the photos.

I am very slowly adding to my Tatted Topiary. Mostly just the bits of tatting that I have found while cleaning up. I was watching Karen's YouTube channel when I came across an interesting technique. It's a way to make some leafy embellishments that I can add to my topiary. Here's the first run. I didn't have the correct sizing of beads for the thread being used, but I do like how it turned out. I added a clover cluster to give it an extension the second time around. This will be a good way to add green fillers between the different flowers that will eventually make up the topiary.
 Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there in Tatland..I'm going to spend some time playing with string and relaxing with my coffee.


  1. Your summer doily is looking lovely I like your colour combination. Lovely bracelet too.

    1. Thank you Margaret. I have to hide this color because I want to keep it for my wall. Hopefully, the purple lovers won't visit until I have it finished and mounted on my wall.

  2. So sorry to hear about your stress, a horrible feeling when unable to cope especially when we are expected to deal with all life throws at us. Hopefully all the craft projects will help, but please don't let the pressure of trying to finish them stress you out too! Get better soon.

    1. Thank you Sally..I'm fully stocked on my favorite coffee and have shuttles waiting to be loaded and put to use. ^_^

  3. I really like the colors you have chosen for the spring doily ! and your projecting looks fun and that's how I relax too! And how I started doing overtime with tatting, It is a problem that I can solve and improve on.

  4. I like what you are doing with your small motifs - keeps them neat and you can see what they are easily. So much better than just putting them in a box where you have to look through everything to find what you're looking for...
    I think your topiary is going to look fabulous! I see things like this and think it would be fun to do but I have never tried it. Looking forward to what you come up with.