Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hands and Hearts

Have I been tatting? Yes, I have.

On the princess gloves, I have one side of the first gloves finished. These are being worked in size 20 Aunt Lydia's Crochet thread. I do have to drop my shuttles and let them 'dance' out so the thread can regain some of its' twist. Not too much of a issue, it just forces me to slow down. The little top hat, I'll wait until I finish the gloves to work on.The Pearl 12 thread, although nice and shiny, would be too small to allow 'give' for stretching. I actually began one finger, the pinkie, and had my daughter try it on. That's when I found that out. I was going to move up to size 40, but comparing it to the Pearl thread, it appeared to be of similar sizing.

For a change of pace I began making Jan's swirl motifs. I think this is a pattern in his Tatted Treasures book. It's also in a few of the Robotiki magazines. I know they are in his Tatting Theory and Patterns book because that's where the pattern came from. In his newer one it's supposed to be a doily with the motifs joined. I may just join them where convenient, since I haven't purchased the newest book yet. And I can't buy it until I finish all the patterns in the book I already own. Which got me thinking that I have to finish making a few of the hearts from Teri Dunsbury's Tatted Hearts book. Once that book is finished, I can get a couple of balls of thread. Although, I still have some credit left on that Hobby Lobby gift,no,no. I must finish what I've started before I'm bombarded with UFO's.

I do have to find my stash of dark purple thread. The friend whom I was making a slave bracelet for informed me that red was not her color. I don't know why I thought it was. Now I'll have another bracelet for my daughter to play with. I could just do it black, it matches everything and she can wear it with whatever outfit she has...Black thread I have in multiple sizes. Maybe I'll just do it in that color. I do have another request for butterflies. Fancy-ish butterflies. Meaning something complex or complex looking. I don't think I'm into it right now. I still carry around a pair of shuttles everywhere I go, but I hardly bring them out. Right now the pair with me have that Jan swirl motif on it. It's being worked in size 80 thread. Part of me is missing the old days when size 80 thread in 5 colors was all I thought there was to tatting options. I seem to finish projects so much faster then. Color overkill wasn't keeping me staring at the many balls I have trying to decided what to use. I've spent so many hours just spaced out staring at them. I think for the rest of the summer I'm just going to go to 3 color options, black, white, and green. Which just so happens to be the color scheme to my brother's future wedding.


  1. All your Items are beautiful and done so well, I know what you mean about color choices, they are limitless and my brain can't seem to remember what I wanted to do. You did not say anything about the little blue and white flowers they are pretty! What are your plans for that? Or was that for fun? :)

    1. The blue-ish one is going to be a ring. The white one was just for fun. ^_^

  2. You have been busy, great pieces of tatting in progress. I know what you mean about colour choices, but it's great to have so many different colours

  3. Lots of beautiful tatting projects show there!!! :)