Monday, June 23, 2014


Last night we picked up my tool box and a 5 foot table to redo my MomCave. I had a modge podge of different items barely holding all my crafting supplies. I have a very bad habit of pulling something out then setting it down and for all intents and purposes, lose it. I can now get rid of the broken bookcase, also I can have my jewelry table sanded and repainted. The kids hockey table is going to get built and it's also going to live in my cave.

Craftsman ball bearing tool box
All the clutter mess-ies
I was debating whether or not to put the caster wheels on the tool box, and in the end did. Without the wheels it can sit nicely under that table. With them, I can get a wood top for the box and have additional crafting space. I also got another bead storage caddy. I'm using it for my smaller shuttles. The clovers fit perfectly in them, the 'neutered' SewMates and Boyle shuttles do also, although it is a tighter fit. These I organized by thread size. I wasn't planning on using it for that, but I could not get the compartments to unhinge from the unit and found it another purpose. Using the display rack, they can all hang there instead of taking up space somewhere else.

All together now, I've invested a grand total of $125 into my craft room. That includes the storage container purchases and previous purchases. I'm still looking to get a 4 foot workbench with a pegboard backboard for just my resin accessories storage but that's not a priority right now. I do have some shuttles to finish and send off.

The progress on the slave bracelet for my friend from work.

I've used a 'celtic' type design on it. Really I began with the band which was inspired by a picture I found on facebook that triggered a memory of a  tutorial I had read before. Which in turn led to me reading a bunch of other tutorials I downloaded or printed....My Honey says it looks "awesome" and so far I'm happy with the results. I just need to come up with a concept for creating a stabilizer for the sides. Ironically, it was pictures of crop circles online that helped with this design. I showed the design to my friend and she informed me that while she loved the way it's looking so far, she didn't want any white in it. Looks like I have to redo this in all black. I'm a little bit disappointed, because I liked the way the two colors played on each other. I don't think the pattern will show up as nicely in all black. I do have some size 20 purple but having to redo the stitch count may be more of a headache than I planned to deal with.

 I found, by accidental web surfing, another flower pattern to use on my topiary. In smaller thread, it will make a lovely spray of Lily of the Valleys. They are called 'Snowdrop' and the pattern is by Jennifer Williams. The one in the forefront is size 10 the three in the background are size 20 crochet thread. I can hardly wait to make this in size 80. The pattern is so simple that it's genius! All you really need is one shuttle to make it.


  1. How lovely to have a craft room, I hope it all works out and you have a great place to work in.

  2. Looks fabulous! !! You can even lock your tool box. What a dream studio.

    Love the awesome bracelet. Marie

  3. great craft room and cool bracelet!