Monday, June 2, 2014


My brother-in-law and his girlfriend stopped by to visit. They've included an announcement..They are officially Engaged! He proposed today! I'm so happy for them. She asked if I could make her a mat/doily that she can use as a enhancing prop/ background for their guestbook table. She wanted something that she could later frame and hang on her wall. We narrowed the perimeters to a larger rectangular shape with a clover motif. I'm also making her a bridal hanky. She wants "old world class and elegance" at her wedding. I'm more than happy to do this for her. I have a year to get it all done, so time really isn't a factor. I'm going to be placing another order for a lot of green thread in the next couple of weeks, once we settle on a design.

The world outside my Tatland is pretty much carrying on as it always has. With the not so occasional nudge from Katalina about her princess gloves. Honey and I both have tomorrow off, I want to spend the day finding tatting patterns and playing with threads. He wants to spend the day detail cleaning our home. *sigh* My plans included him bar-b-que-ing. His plans included me going through the clothes our kids have outgrown. I wonder how much distraction I'll have to implement to get my way?

No pictures to show progress, it was a RLWD (real life work day) ALL day. But, hey, tomorrow's only a few hours away and we'll see who eventually get's their way.

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  1. Congratulations to your brother in law and girlfriend, I hope they have a very happy life