Monday, July 7, 2014

First original slave bracelet design

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday. The family and I went to the In-laws and ate way too much. G.G., along with my future Sister-in-law spent time brainstorming and talking craft shop. It was a very relaxing time. I know my Mother-in-law felt left out, but her interests are running on a different path than ours. It made it kind of hard for her to join the conversations. Still, I showed them my current project and got opinions on it.

The "Ashley" bracelet. I had a certain opinion already in mind. When that idea was rejected, I decided to just start from scratch. After a few runs, I just tatted.
The camera washed out the color a bit
I really like the black chain circling the main motif. The flow was enough for me but I did have that flower button I had to use. It still kind of cups but I'm hoping that with the addition of the other elements, it will smooth itself out. I did have the sense, after the second run, to actually write down stitch counts. Since I won't have the final product as reference later, it will be nice to be able to recreate it later without literally starting over.

The progress is going great! I still was able to use the alternating colors in the chain around the wrist, and by adding the black round on the outer edges, it still ties it all in. I did show it to 'the client' and she loves it! She had such a positive impression so it got me thinking of making a matching pendant to go with it. It still needs the opposite side to be finished as well as the finger ring holder, but the main portion of it is done. My only issue is working with four shuttles at once. Normally, I would just toss the non working pair over the back of my wrist and let them dangle. Unfortunately, since I'm working with size 10 thread, those Tatsy shuttles still get in the way. I tried loading some of the bulk Boyles up with thread, but they just don't hold enough thread. I hate hiding ends and am always looking for shortcuts that will reduce that outcome.

 I am reinforcing where I do hide the ends with Fray-Check on the front of the piece. I don't want to risk an allergic reaction where the threads touch skin. You can never be too cautious about potential allergies. Now all I have to decided on is how much beading to add. I like the four larger corner rings, to give it balance. That connecting triangle, should I leave it alone or should I add beads? I want it to enhance the piece not be the main focus. I'm of the mentality that if you label it as lace, the lace should be the first thing that comes to mind when you look at it. If it's over done with beads and doodads, then it is no longer lace but beading. Mainly because you can't see the lace unless you flip it over. Yes, I suffer from Lace Snobbery. This may come from the fact that our county fair entry booklets have been released and they are very particular about what constitutes what. It's my mind adjusting to that mentality in preparations on my own entries.
Random happiness

Tomorrow is a day spent with waiting rooms, so I should be able to finish the tatting portion by then. Once upon a time, I used to tat the beads into the piece as I worked. Now I'm sewing them on after the fact, in case I changed my mind. Also, I end up losing half the beads I'm working with. A nice stable work surface is important, so the beads stay home now.