Friday, July 11, 2014

No excuses now

This morning started out lovely...I got to sleep in. Honey's gone out of town with the 'boys' to blow off some steam. The kids and I were planning an all day Pokemon cartoon marathon with me participating in the Evee-lution Competition on my 3ds. For those non-gamers, it's an electronic video game. The catch is that we could only use the Pokemon Evee and it's 7 evolution characters to battle with.

I got to participate in two battles before getting the call from my mother, she needed a ride home. She had gone 'tool shopping', unfortunately, it was actual tools, not slang for the craft store. Now here is where I must have picked that gene. You know the one, you go to a store with one or two specific items to purchase. However when you leave the store, you have another armful of things you didn't realize you needed until you saw it. In this case I kept it minimal. I just got another neat small item storage caddy and a magnifier that straps to your head.
The cool thing about the storage caddy is that it has multiple sizes in the compartments. Now I can take the shuttles in the round bead caddy and move them here. That way I can make space in the top drawer of the Craftman chest for my cross stitching paraphernalia. One day I might feel the urge to pick up the needle again. The only thing missing was the pegboard backing for the storage rack. With that I will done modifing the MomCave and can concentrate on getting my projects finished.

Speaking of finished, since I did just finish that Slave Bracelet, I think that deserves a shuttle reward. Afterall, I did have to create it from scratch. I'm leaning towards a pair of Moonlit shuttles from HandyHands. I also saw that Ruth has her celtic flowers in a remastered book. Long, long ago, I purchased her rose bud and Stargazer Lily pattern.
 Cover Photo That Stargazer has always won me a ribbon in my county fair. Even though I have those two patterns, I may just indulge in the book. That dragonfly has always drawn my eye, and it's available in this book. I do have some left over credit on my Kindle..

Justifications has just become a dirty word in my craft dictionary. *laughing*

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