Thursday, July 24, 2014

Payment received

In the mail today was the payment for my slave bracelet, err, pay off I should say. Ruth's book arrived! Inside is another lily pattern style that I can add to the topiary. Also and open petal flower that I can use to 'fill up' spaces on the other tiers. The print on it is on the larger side. Then again, everything looks large when you've been looking at small screens all day.

The rest of this particular order is still on it's way, but should be here by Saturday.

I've made some progress on the topiary covering. I'm carrying around a shuttle with that color thread. It's such an easy pattern that no thought is really needed, I can just 'wing it' on what size rings to make. Alternating how many picots are on each ring do make for a more interesting covering. I just have to train my hand to keep those picots long. Since I've got today off, surprisingly and unexpectedly, the plans are to finish the first bottom tier with the 'moss' and get half of the second one finished.

I still have two whole months before my entry is due. I don't want to wait on it, because I don't to lose time to complete it. I will still have to wash all the flowers before I place them in their final position. I'm aiming to get a blue ribbon for this, no matter what particular category it finally gets placed in.


  1. Good to have some unexpected time to work on this. It's going to be amazing.

  2. This will be an outstanding representation of the versatility of tatting! A wonderful concept! It looks great already!

  3. I bought her book too and have yet to make something from it, this is encouraging.