Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slave bracelet completed!

The bracelet was finished and delivered to its new home, yesterday. I posted it on Facebook and then attempted to use the mobile blogger app to update here. The mobile app did not work. I could type my post but could not add any photos. One positive that came out about the chains around the wrist. I measured her wrist several times and in the end still made it too big. We realized that you could just use the hook into one of the chains and adjust it to fit her wrist better. Also the rings around the center finger was a tiny bit too big. It was only literally one extra ring kind of big. That also worked itself out. It gave the bracelet the 'stretch' it needed so when she moves her hand the lace moves with her. She really liked that. All in all it was a happy adventure. She even got compliments from customers! I have to say, it was quite the ego booster for me.

I've already received request for the pattern. I'm having to decide if I want to share it. I did keep track of my WIP, so writing it up isn't the issue. This was made specifically for my friend. Although highly unlikely, what if someone else was to come into contact with her and have a similar bracelet on? Would she be hurt that it isn't as One of a Kind as she thought it was? Or would she even care? Looks like something I'm going to have to sleep on before I make any decisions. The pattern itself, is pretty straight foward. I'm sure the veteran tatters could 'map it out'. So even if I didn't write it as I tatted it, I could just the photo to recreate it. One thing I did do, prior to sharing it on Facebook, is to adjust the photo size. You can zoom in on it, but it blurs out, so you can't just count the stitches. I did this just in case it stays as an OOAK piece.

Now on to the next tatting project. The butterflies. For these I'm going to shift through the many patterns already out there. I don't think my mind has it in it to be creative again just yet. Not to mention the 13 UFO's laying around my MomCave.


  1. I think it' safe to share your pattern, most likely there would be different color combonations and sizing . It,s wonderful!

  2. Turned out really well, congratulations! I'm glad the customer was pleased.