Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A touch of color to the landscape

I was right. It does look better in color. I went with purple. I was thinking on still using white for the long chaining, but since I couldn't find white in the correct size, I went with Lizabeth Charcoal. I did find a very light shade of purple/lavender that I'm thinking will blend well on the outer chaining sections. Originally, I was going to use it for the butterflies, but after making a few, the color flow wasn't what I wanted. The flowers are rich and vibrant, the lavender looks a little washed out.
I can see where beading it will make it really "pop" but that's a thought for when all the tatting is completed. The threads are all Lizabeth size 40. So far we have:
1.Charcoal grey #606 (ring chaining)
2.Purple Splendor #129 (Center flower)
3. Elderberry Jam #177 (Flower clusters)
4. Lilac Dark #641 (Butterflies)
The lavender color doesn't have it's color card but looking at the color chart for reference, it can be either Purple Iris Light or Antique Violet Light. In any case, that particular color isn't going to make an appearance just yet.

No new flowers for the topiary. I was tempted to go pluck a few of the roses off my Grandmother's memorial vase I made a few years ago. Common sense took over and I felt like I would be stealing, so I didn't. Since I'm not going to make it as a fair entry this fall, there is no reason to not make it, it's own roses. No Cheating! says my daughter. I am planning on taking a few weeks off soon to handle 'personal business', so tatting will be a nice way to relax and draw my mind away. Honey says that he  knows when I've been tatting verses working with resin. According to him, when I resin work, I look frazzled. That my hair sticks up everywhere like I've been electrocuted. When I tat, I just look like I'm either angry (lost my place in the pattern because of distraction) or I'm daydreaming. Glazed eyes, mouth kind of hanging open, non-responsive to the rest of the world. I told him that's what he looks like when he plays his video games.