Monday, September 8, 2014

Doilys and butterflies

Looks like I have the tatting flutters. Going from one project to another, without really completing anything. As long as I'm tatting, I guess it's okay. There has been progress on Tatbit's Spider Doily. That's not it's real name, since it is just a CG image. I left the center flower out because I was rethinking on the color choice I made.This is just the beginning of the center. It's going to be a very large doily, and this is in size 40 thread! I've been working on this during my lunch breaks at work and once again there has been requests for me to make others. I had to disappoint the admirers.I don't see how I could possibly manage to make more ready for holidays when I have already been working on this for a few weeks. I'll be lucky to finish this by the end of the year.
Nothing more on the topiary for now. All this talk I've been hearing about doing one of Jan Stawasz's giant doilys, has reminded me that I have a pair of his doily's 'in the works'. One a spiral star doily, the other the first one in his first book. I was tempted to order the magazine the giant doily is in, but I promised to finish the first book. Then afterwards, I can order the second book. No jumping ahead. I was distracted again and for whatever reason, got it in my head that I needed to join three of these stars together. The spiral is only on the center and goes off into another direction. After looking at Jan's webpage, I saw the Spiral doily that I thought I was going to make. It is not the one in my book. I'm hoping the pattern is in his second book because it looks like something I'd like for my table here at home. For now I'm going to restart the center again, since this was all Continuous Thread Method. There's no way I'm going to untat all those stitches. I also can't bring myself to cut it off. This is being worked in size 10 crochet thread.


Now we have Teri's Butterfly Monarch Earrings. The first run was size 40, the second 20, and finally back to size 40. After making the first, I didn't like how you couldn't really distinguish the butterfly because of the variegation on the thread. I switched to the solid, but as I was finishing and hiding threads, the beads broke. I still wanted more than one solid color for the butterflies, so I ended up using the Seashell Lizabeth color for them and charcoal for the beaded circle. I really like the contrast between the red beads and the threads. On the bottom butterfly, I didn't use as many beads as the top. It was late and my eyes just could not focus on the bead holes to thread them. I lost more beads to the floor than I would have liked. They still turned out great in my opinion.
There's a doctor's appointment to get ready for so I'll take some tatting with me to pass the time. The Spider doily can keep me company on today's rounds. Can you imagine how large it would be in size 10 thread?! It would be a wall tapestry in relation to the stuff I normally tat.

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