Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keep on fluttering

The frame base is now complete. When I look at it, it reminds me of an unfinished butterfly. Teri has a lot of different butterfly patterns, I wonder if subconsciously she designed this on her computer with that image in mind? I can see how the wings would lay. If this was a smaller resin piece, I would use different colors to make the stain glass effect with the wings. I laid the size 40 section that I finished in the channel where it would lay when done in the size 20. I wanted a size comparison. This is still all just the inner portion of the design. There's still a whole outer chaining row with a few of the butterfly motifs to stabilize and join. Now I have to figure out what colors to continue with from here on. I don't have many options with size 20 since I've pretty much been purchasing only 40 or 80 thread. My solid color options are black, mint green, or variegated pinks or blues. I think I'll turn this larger version towards a gothic them and make the butterflies black. I would have done it all in this grey, unfortunately I have only the half ball of grey left. I'm thinking of adding beads to the larger piece when it's completed. The smaller one can just rely on it's coloring for 'sparkle'.

Getting back into the "Jan patterns", I finished off the row of one of his motifs that I had seen online. The center and first grey chaining are the central motif of a doily on page 72 from Tatting Theory and Patterns book. I just omitted the large flowers and a row of rings and chains. I do like the flow of it so I'm thinking of simply adding more and more rows of the spiral rings.
I have that ball of Apple Pie thread that would be a good finisher for this. Anyone else remember this ball? The one that was so gorgeous, but left a bit of a sour taste when I actually tatted with it. I guess it was just waiting for the right pattern to come along. I had the gold and red in it that I do like. I wanted this to be 'flamed' in appearance. I hope this colorway doesn't let me down in the end. I'm actually going to be working on the first doily from his book. This spiral doily is a step away for a bit pattern that I'll use when I get bored on other projects.

I have some more time off coming up. The timing is perfect since it falls during the week of my birthday. It also lets me recharge my batteries, so to speak, before the craziness of work kicks in to full drive. I know one of my boss's is not happy with it, but the other understands that we are all burning out and if we don't get the opportunity to decompress, they may just lose their strongest people during a peak period.


  1. That spiraling is lovely- I hope the Apple Pie lives up to it!

  2. This looks very interesting is there a place to see what it will become I couldn't find this on her blog?

  3. Your web is coming along nicely. Love the spiral in the doily.