Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A moment with my shuttles

 Why bother getting angry? Sometimes I have to remember this. I was tatting and someone made a comment I'm sure they might have thought to be helpful, that came across as offensive. To me at least. It's great when crafty people share with one another opinions and 'tips'. However, when a craft is new to me, I usually just observe and ask questions every now and then. I don't presume to know better and give 'advice' on how the way the work is not being done correctly and to stop working in that manner. This is what happened to me. I'm sure my cheeks blushed my angry reactions, but I kept silent and kept on tatting. Eventually, I was left alone with my thoughts and thread. I do not tat using the slip and slide method, in fact the way I hold my shuttles is probably what prompted the 'advice'. I tat using an up and down motion. Like I'm stabbing something. When I learned, there was no "YouTube" to see the movements, only a few drawings and pictures to give you a general idea. While the movements probably put more strain on my wrists, it's how I tat and I'm comfortable with it. Enough of this complaining and venting.

On my thread hunt I came across another box of threads I had dyed years ago. Most were size 20 but there were a few small batches of size 30 and size 80 in there as well. There isn't enough to make more than a couple of small motifs, but I couldn't just throw it away. One of the colors was this:

I had used it to make my version of the Intatters "Yes-U-Can" doily challenge. It looks like a light turquoise. I remember it was a blue I was dying but that it had been left outside and lightened up to this color. I washed it a couple of times, just to make sure it wouldn't bleed or fade. There was enough of the thread to fill a shuttle and a half. I went in search of a pattern I hadn't actually completed. Even though this list is kind of long, I decided to stay with one designer, Renulek. Probably not a good idea, since her doilys are large. Still, I thought to use this as a 'highlighting' color or sporadically. I didn't have any size 30 thread in my stock right now, I tried to find one that was the closest in thickness. While I could have used size 40, I found that Pearl 12 actually was a better choice. White is the color I decided on, since black was already being used on something else.

Friday is when I'll be able to go restock on thread and other crafting supplies. I'm capping my budget at $50. Since I won't be working for a few weeks, this is a good idea. I can always make shuttles and sell them for my supplies, but I rather not do that. I want to just tat and maybe finish a crochet shawl I began. Yarn, I have plenty of since I don't really crochet unless I'm angry. I can pull on the yarn and take out my frustration but not really damage the final piece.


  1. Oh for pity's sake! Really, someone would dare to give advice when your products are so lovely? I'm annoyed for you!

  2. The tatting looks lovely... and certainly don't worry about what anyone says about how it's to be done.

    I taught a friend how to tat (she's left handed, I'm ambitatterous). Though I taught her how I tat, she has developed her own method (a bit like yours actually).. and personally, I love to watch how others tat - shows how much creative thinking there is!

  3. Well that is true I taught a teenager and she does her own thing now and she is good and looks nothing like me. I also saw a poor quality video of an older lady that is fantastic and she did this stabbing motion and she was fast too! And I have also been know to say stupid stuff too, maybe she wasn't thinking or she was surprised your way looked different than hers.

  4. Oh I almost forgot the tatting is beautiful and like the blue and white.

  5. Love the Yes-You-Can doily !!!

    I, too, pass my shuttle in a vertical direction !!! And my pinch is made with middle finger & thumb. It is not a very visually elegant way of tatting , but try as I might, I can't seem to use index finger & thumb pinch, nor slip-and-slide method.
    I find this the easiest for me & have stuck to it. Can't remember whether it was taught to me like that or I just found it easier .... What difference does it make, when we are comfortable with our style And the end result is pretty too :-)) The knots are what matter :-)

  6. God bless the Know-it-alls. Because I certaintly won't.
    You were right to just keep working. There is no point in discussion. When your work is so lovely, obviously you need change nothing.

  7. Your tatting is lovely, for sure! No matter horizontal or vertical but hands are our tool, only you know how to use your unique tool and I see just beautiful work.

  8. Your yes u can mat looks lovely, yes Renulks mats are always large but look beautiful in any colour/colours used.
    Don't worry about people and their silly comments, I had a stall at a craft market a few years ago, this woman came up to me and asked what machine made the snowflakes, machine my hands, she had a very puzzled look on her face, I used my hands and I took out a shuttle and showed her a few stitches, I don't think she got it but thanked me and walked off, I should have charged her for the demonstration. There is nothing more draft than the general public.

  9. The new doily is looking beautiful already!!! :)

  10. I'm left handed but learned right handed. I hold the thread with my thumb and second finger like crocheting. It works for me...I just admire your beautiful work. Stunning!
    I'd love to learn how to dye thread at some point.
    I love your blog :)