Monday, October 20, 2014

Aimless type of day

I wish I could say I've been tatting, but I really haven't been. I did make up some motifs for the Encased Shuttles, but besides that, nothing. My arm and wrists have been acting up and it limits my range of motion significantly. Mostly, I've been playing on my 3DS or watching T.V.

My oldest daughter brought me two bin organizers for my MomCave. They are for smaller items, the bins are small, and one of them has a nice top that I can use for a prop for taking pictures of tatting. Maybe I can get Honey to build them for me today. They aren't that big and while I usually like to build my own things, the sore arm is holding me back. IF it wasn't my dominate side, I would just ignore the soreness and go about my day.

Organizing usually leads to forgotten projects, which in turn gives me things to put on my to-do-list. The list is growing, so maybe I'll work on that if I can get him to distract the kids long enough for me to get something done.


  1. Oh that is so tiny and cute it looks like a little fox on the grass how sweet!

  2. Hope your arms and hands get better soon.

  3. I very much empathize with the sore arm and wrists. It's best to take it easy for a few days to let them heal.

    I'm very impressed with your resin shuttles!