Monday, October 6, 2014

Dragons and quests

Some time ago, I got the idea to use Anne's dragon pattern to make a Halloween mask. I began it, set it aside, never went back to it. Then I used Pam's Tatted Mask pattern and made that instead. It came out great for my then teenager, but was a little bit too small for my face. I think the way it is tatted may have impacted it. Pam needle tats, so her stitches are softer, so they have the expansion feel to them. In any case, I went back to Anne's dragons and was making an armlet with them.

Why, what nice shaped arm you have there, let me rest on it a bit.
 Another UFO. This time I'm starting again. With definite plans to finish it! I found two balls of Lizabeth Purple Marble is size 10, so I'm going to use it. It wasn't enough for a large project, ie, curtains, place mats, and things of this size/magnitude.
While making the tail, I miscounted where I was and failed to add a second picot. It left it in a curved shaped that works out well, since this would be used on the left side of my face. I wasn't sure if I wanted to add beads or not so this is the beginning of my trial. I found that the weight the glass beads add is good for helping it drape better. This means I most likely won't have to stiffen it with anything else later. Double yay! I stopped with the beading at the head. I wasn't sure on which of the rings to bead for the eyes. The larger pair where the "whiskers" stick out or the two below it? The wings will most likely only have seed beads on them. 

I am going to go through my box of mostly finished UFO's and see if I can find that armlet to finish it. It would make a great accessory. What prompted this turn of events? These contact lenses did:

I was browsing online for some Halloween lenses for my Honey, when I came across this site. It inspired me to finish some more tatting. I have three pair of shuttles in the works, a large doily from Teri that I'm working on, and I've begun making a few hankies for members of my family. I don't know why I keep jumping from projects, but this particular one has me on a mission.


  1. What a really good idea to put the beads in the back or the dragons they look great up you arm like that what fun!

  2. I agree: Spreading the dragons up your arm looks really neat. What a great idea.
    I thought the "whiskers" were ears? If so, the smaller loops just below would be the eyes. But, you know, I've never actually seen a dragon...