Saturday, October 11, 2014


I managed to get to Michael's Craft Store yesterday hoping to get some more black dye for my threads. They didn't have any.  One of the people working there gave me a look like, "Really? Halloween? Stuff like that sells out fast." It should've bothered me, but it didn't plus I didn't leave empty handed.

 I did pick up another multi-compartment storage container for beads. I use them for my shuttles. Also a pair of small craft pumpkins for the kids to decorate. My son wasn't really intrested in that, but maybe he'll change his mind later.

Then there was 4 balls of DMC 20 white. I'm trying to dye this lot from black to different shades of grey for use in the Fantasia Spider Track Doily. I want the variegation to be long and slightly subtle. I haven't dyed thread in years so we'll see how it turns out once I can get that dye. I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby later today, or even go to the other Michael's store on the other side of town, if I can spare the time.

Most of my days right now are focused on my kids. My youngest is in another destructive round, so I'm trying to keep them occupied but they seem to be exhausting me more. I did get a few shuttles casting in resin right now, as well as the new center post design for the shuttles that will have tatting in them.
Souvenir Popcorn buckets from Disneyland

While cleaning up a few of the Disney Buckets, I came across a pair of shuttles that had some thread that looks like size 30 on it. I just picked a pattern that I can go on without thinking about and began tatting. It's Ruth Perry's Endless Tatting. Nice simple easy straight forward pattern that I don't have to concentrate on. It had me thinking that maybe I should just tat in white for a while. If I wanted to add color, I can just dye the finished product.
Tatting Pattern: Endless Tatting by Ruth Perry.