Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thoughts and plans

Thank you everyone for yesterday's comments. I do feel better about the whole episode. On today's agenda will be shuttle making. I promised a pair to a friend who had lost her shuttles when they were shipped. I remember that happening to me. Years ago, Fox was generous enough to send me a replacement shuttle when mine had broken. Unfortunately, the shuttle was lost 'in route'. She sent me another. I remember the feeling of disappointment when it didn't make it. I also remember the joy and excitement when the second shuttle did! Thank you again, Fox, for your generous heart. I'll begin it later today when Honey leaves to work. It's too cold right now for resin curing. Him and his A.C. addiction.

In the meantime, since I have to kill a few hours, I'm going to make some smaller motifs I can embed into some more 'Tatting Shuttles". I should probably make some new molds since mine are wearing out. Also probably think of an original name for these lace encased shuttles. I don't want to "take over" the name the Shuttle Shop had for theirs. Especially since theirs was made using a laser and have a more professional mass production feel to them. That's not a negative comment towards them, those shuttles have a more polished looked to them. Mine have the feel of something that was hand made verses machine made. I like the sound of "Lacy Shuttles" but then again there might be confusion with Lacis, a company that sells shuttles. I never realized how hard it is to find a name/label for something. Here I thought it was hard naming my kids. That was easy compared to this. When they were born, their name called out to us. These shuttle types are still silent.

That is the plan, hopefully my toddler will let me work on it. I gave her a ball of yarn and a crochet hook so she can "work with mommy", but she wants my shuttles. To be more precise, she wants the shuttles I'm using at the moment. She does mimic my wrist movements but that's all she can do. The whole over and under movements for the flip is still many lessons away.

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  1. So what about something like 'Lace Encased'.. or Shuttle Lacey.... Just a thought, they sound gorgeous!!!