Friday, November 21, 2014

Snowflakes..wintery plans

This past week I've been working on snowflakes. One in particular is for an exchange. I was supposed to send off my package by the 4th, but since part of that is to include a shuttle, I wanted to send one of my own resin ones. My exchange partner is here in the States, and her package arrived roughly a week since she mailed hers, I thought I'd have time. I still do have a few weeks, but I'm starting to have doubts if I'll be to finish it. I'll go to Hobby Lobby or maybe JoAnn's and pick up some Clovers and Starlit's just to have a back up. Part of my issue is keeping the MomCave temperature high enough to keep that resin cured hard. I'm going to have to get a space heater to solve this issue. I did finish her snowflake though. The pattern is Celeste by Joelle Paulson.
 I really like the teal speckled beads but maybe they're too much for this snowflake. Or maybe I'm just being too critical about it all. My brother asked for a "blurple" colored one, blue and purple. I'm making him a Jan Stawasz snowflake.
I really like the contrast on this one. I think I'll redo this in size 80 thread, because I have some thin bangles I made with resin. I could place them in it and they can use it as an ornament for Christmas then later as a suncatcher. I will have to do it with Front side tatting to keep all the puffier sides of the stitches consistent.
For my coworkers, I'm going to make a simpler design, since I have to make quite a few. I really want to add beads to them all, and have them sparkly. I have three patterns in mind, but we'll see how much time I can spare. Tomorrow is my niece's first birthday. Then the first week of holiday craziness starts. Unfortunately my company will be open Thanksgiving night, and I will be working a total of 16 hours from the start of that until the next evening. I'm so going to be in zombie mode those two days. I plan on taking a few fully loaded shuttles with me. There's no way I'm leaving the store only to try to come back four hours later in that crowd. So I'll have four hours in the breakroom to tat and relax. It's not that bad though, last year the crowd was patient and understanding, the day passed so quickly. I was headed home before I knew it. Here's hoping this year follows in the same way.


  1. The snowflakes are beautiful! I really like the teal beads - they are 'perfect' on that snowflake.

  2. They are gorgeous, and I love that Celeste, they both are very grand! she will love the exchange!

  3. Gorgeous Snowflakes ! The recipients will be thrilled :-)

  4. I'm completely exhausted reading this! Your schedule is too ambitious for me! I feel sad that so many folks have to work on holidays. It has kind of gotten out of control. I'm also imagining your Mom Cave as a sort of mysterious 'lab' with concoctions brewing, like in the old movies LOL! (Please be careful with that space heater! ) I'd be happy with just that gorgeous teal beaded snowflake. I'd put an 'IOU' for the specially made shuttle, and send it later!

    The purple snowflake is also lovely, and would look so nice in the thin resin bangle (I'm amazed how you create those!) to be used on the tree or as a suncatcher. You put so much creativity and effort into your gifts!