Saturday, November 1, 2014

The day after...

This year is the first year we didn't take the kids trick-o-treating at Disneyland. My Honey's and my schedule did not permit it. He had the day off, but got called in, so we were forced to change our plans. We went to our local museum and the kids did the safe Halloween walk there.
Kat's smile says, If you give me candy, I show you my teeth! Maligo just wants to play.
This morning I spent time cleaning up some shuttle blades. Okay, I semi-cleaned up one. I liked the way the flowers looked in yellow, that I had to try using that ball of "what am I going to do with you" thread on  another pair. For small tatting pieces, it seems to work very well. I added a small butterfly to fill up the empty space. I probably should have used a slightly darker solid for them. Or maybe just a solid. The flowers are Mary Konior's buds from Tatting with Visual Patterns book. The butterfly is a generic one I just made up. When the second round of these buds were drying after applying sealant, I ended up spilling some glitter on them. The glitter was meant for another project, but Kat came bursting into the MomCave and the breeze that followed blew the glitter, everywhere. To be honest, I like the results.
The yellow middle one shows how a blade looks after being 'prepped'. The far right one is 'in the raw' straight out of the mold. The far left is after two sanding sessions where I begin to shape it. There was some interest on Facebook on learning how to make a post resin shuttle. I am debating whether to make a tutorial on how I've come to make mine. I'm just afraid the tutorial would end up being long. It's not a simple quick project to make. It takes a lot of time and patience and can be complicated. I imagine making one out of wood would have similar difficulties. It's something for me to ponder on for later. I do have to admit, this style is a whole lot simpler to make that the other resin shuttles I've done. The extended hearts version, I really only made two for sale and they went to a local person who just wanted them for collection, not for actual use. I was hoping to trade for one of his many 3D duck shaped shuttles, but maybe I can tempt him with one of these Tatting Encased shuttles instead.


  1. I like learning about new things and would be interested in reading a tutorial about your shuttle making process. If it's long, you could split it into multiple parts.

    1. I have another blogger that I use for more details on the resin projects I make. The link for it is:
      It was going by another name but I had to change it.

    2. I would be interested in a tutorial. I am like Robin and like learning new things. Time is not a factor anymore and I have learned to have patience.

  2. Where did the babies go - your kidlets are so big... and VERY cute!