Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I just had to share this. This is Circle of Crowns from Jon Yusoff. I made it with the metallic thread from the DMC spool in Light Silver. I love the way this tats up. I did have to keep my tension a little bit looser than normal. This was to keep the metal from flaking off the thread. Once I figured out the correct tension, after the first ring, it tatted up like a dream! I've used the other DMC metallic threads that come in skeins and I have to say this spool type is so much easier to use.

I did use bobbin shuttles not post shuttles. It keep the tips from the shuttles from scraping the thread. I used it straight from the spool so no doubling up on the thread. It's size is slightly larger than 80 but still smaller than 40. I also found it really hard to take a picture of it. It's incredibly sparkly! I believe it will be go wound up with another color, darker preferably, to balance it out.


  1. Oh this is beautiful and I hate working with metallic threads and yours makes me want to try again!

  2. Beautiful snowflake, with nice, even stitches! And your chains flow beautifully between the rings!

    I'm so glad you had a good experience with this DMC metallic thread on the spool! I always still check in the stores to make sure they have it in stock, It's usually found in the cross-stitch section. I hope other tatters see this post and will give this thread a try! I want DMC to keep making it!