Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pretty colors

After a recent Hobby Lobby trip I found this wonderful colored skein of rayon thread. I bought two of them. Then came the part I'm not overly fond of, unwinding and rewinding on to bobbins. When I began winding the ends were the same length. When I got the end of the thread I got this.  I don't understand what happened here. I snipped the ends even and began tatting. I purchased this skein because I was thinking of making "The Peacock" in these colors. The name of the colorway is Peacock.  I gave it a test run using another of Jon's patterns. I kept having issues with closing rings. Maybe if I let the shuttle dance more often to reduce the twist it wouldn't kept happening. 

Luckily I got it closed enough that when I began the next chain, super tight and close by the ring, it was barely noticeable that the ring wasn't fully closed.

I lost a day of work today because my son had an accident at school. He's okay, he just has a swollen eye. Apparently playing tether-ball is more dangerous than you'd believe. On tomorrow's agenda is the winter trip to Disneyland! My future sister-in-law is going to join us. This will be her first time going. With the weather being what it is, I'm glad to be heading south where it won't be as impacted as where we live. Right now the wind is so bad visibility is close to nothing. Good news is the valley will be cleared of most of it's smog, I'll be able to breath a bit easier for a small bit of time.


  1. I love the shine to the thread. Very pretty :)

  2. Love the rayon, it's soft and shiny like silk. Don't worry about the threads, they are like runners at the starting line in a stadium, the outer round is the longer (and need a bit more thread!).

  3. Love colours in the thread, but shiny does not seem to mean nice, hope you can do the peacock with it.