Friday, December 26, 2014

The only pictures are mental

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. My Honey and I got the best gifts ever, sleep. The kids let us sleep in and waited to open up their presents. They even cleaned up the house because Santa wouldn't bring presents to a messy house. *laughing*. With the holiday rush nearing an almost end in our real life, I can finally find the energy to work on all my projects. One in particular will be a year long project for my grandmother in law. I noticed her tablecloth on her dining table was starting to look a little worn and when I asked her about it she replied that it was a gift so she'd keep it on her table for as long as it held up. The thought stuck to make her a tatted one (the other is crochet) so she could alternate between the two and maybe that'll help extend the lifespan of her crochet one. I'm looking at  square motifs that I will be able to join and also an edging that I can make in another color as a highlight for the ends.

Today is going to be another lazy day. Coffee and my shuttles in front of the T.V. realxing. The difference being that I will actually relax.


  1. Your day sounds bliss, that's what today is, hubby cooked the lunch and I have been doing a few odd jobs, now we are sitting relaxing and I will be picking up my shuttles.
    Hope you are having another relaxing day

    1. Thank you Margaret, it was bliss.