Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let's get it together already

There's been some tatting and un-tatting and re-tatting..sigh my poor fingers.
I've been making some small motifs to be encased in my Resin Shuttles. I am on "vacation", a whole week of birthdays, and thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to get caught up on my crafting since our usual plans fell through for this week.
Here's a sneak peak of the shuttles to be:

This last photo is an experiment on ways to reduce sanding and shaping steps. So far, it seems to be a major improvement. Another trial is to use one of my Intatter's Pathtags to make a pendant that I'll attached the three size hooks I use the most to. I just have to figure out how to make the contrast between the lettering and the background. The indentations are too shallow to just cast a different color resin into it. Painting it has left...not so desirable results...on a positive note, the mold I cast worked out!

I downloaded Jane's TIAS for this year, but haven't actually started. I can't seem to find a button. Any four hole button. Instead I began Renulek's 2015 Spring Doily. I wanted to start dark in the center and work my way to bright greens at the end. Since we don't know how many rows this would take, I decided on using a medium grey for most rings.
 I get all the way to the final join in the second row when I realize disaster has struck! I joined to the wrong picot in the very first crown segment. I could just kick myself. I actually had a dream I did this and spent a whole day trying to find the mistake, but for whatever reason, didn't see it until it was too late. I kept going and now... I didn't want to cut that entire section off, so I spent over two hours un-tatting it. After I wasted all that time, I couldn't fix it. Out came the scissors. Double sigh. I was pretty frustrated at this point. I switched modes and began 'organizing'. First thing was to get my threads in control. Actually I was looking for all the greens in size 40 for this doily and I couldn't tell 40 from 20. All those baggies in my tool drawer was driving me crazy so I rewound them into smaller more manageable balls. I solved the problem of tags by cutting a slit into dowels I was using as a thread holder.

A few hours later, I had an uncluttered drawer!
 I had these tiny little balls of left over thread and was looking for way to keep them in the drawer but not in the way. The glue gun was my best friend this night. I used the ball capsules from kid's toy dispenser machines to make this little catcher.
I stuck them to the back wall of the drawer with some Christmas light stick on's I bought on clearance for a dime!

I had to put a serious conscious stop to sticking these little creatures everywhere. I will admit to putting one on the end of my craft table to keep my cell phone wire out of the way while I work.
Then I started up on my UFO's. I won't call them WIP's since I haven't touched them in months. I reused some of the baggies from the ball's for this and put them in this little basket that sits on the shelf of my craft table. Next time I find myself wondering what to do with myself, I have my options at my fingertips and eye level.
I suppose I should add project info into the baggies. Right now I'm out of ink, so until I can muster the desire to go somewhere, they'll just have to sit there. Okay maybe I could just use an index card and at least put the pattern name in it. One of them is my pinata try #2. I'm basically restarting it because I have no clue as to where the original prototype wandered off to.


  1. At least you are a bit better organised, what a pity you had to cut off the round, I had trouble with mine I missed a join lucky I had only gone a repeat pattern, but still a pain to unpick.
    Have a nice weeks holiday

  2. I think you need to come to my house to help me get organized! You've been busy! I'm really looking forward to seeing how your shuttles turn out!

  3. Great organizing skills! And your shuttles look great, too :)