Monday, March 9, 2015

Mind tinkering and new toys

I've been neglecting my blog. Part of it is just plan laziness. Sometimes it's just quicker to post to Facebook my updates. I've even began adding content to my Craftree account. I blame the ease of phone apps. Blogger's app is so bad to work with, most of the time my updates don't load or the pictures I try to post come out just wrong. I still keep up on everyone's blogs with feedly, again easy phone app. Get it together Blogger. Okay, enough of that..
Speaking of Facebook, I entered another exchange and it prompted me to come up with a egg pattern for my partner. I love the look of sugar eggs and I wanted to make one. Online searching brought me empty handed, so using the general idea of what sugar eggs are supposed to look like, I went looking for oval patterns that could be adapted. I decided on using one from Liebert Shiffchen II. After making the oval shape I decided the most atheistically pleasing way of adding depth to it was to repeat the crown section.
I was contemplating how many rows of these crowns to make, since this was going to be packed up I kept it simple. Finishing it off was a simple split ring section that help curve the pattern to the sugar egg opening.
 I did stiffen it with Modge Podge. After it dried I thought to make another one but bead it more. A lot more, like crazy beading up. Then another idea came to fill the open sections with different colored resin, thinking it would give a stained glass appearance to it. Then mental tinkering of all sorts ensued and before I knew it, a week has passed, but nothing really to show for it.

I need consistent motivation. Maybe a new pair of shuttles will help with that. I ordered a new bobbing style from Oldtymewoodworks. I have other wooden shuttles made by them I like the feel of. I decided on the Purple heart wood. If they had a pair in Olive wood, I would have snatched those up instead.
I've never used a double bobbin shuttle, ever. I've never even considered using one. The idea of having a second bobbin already loaded with back up thread appealed to me. It took longer than I would like to admit to wind that second bobbin up. A few test tugs on the lead bobbin thread has me questioning if it will work the way I would like it to. If it does, without too much of a headache, I most likely purchase a few more. These are loaded with size 30 thread. The balance on the double bobbin shuttle is so much better than on the single bobbin one. With the smaller one, the consensuses on Shuttle Addicts on Facebook has been that you lead with the bobbin to the front. Even if they end up not satisfying my need right now, they do look lovely and are a good addition to my growing collection. Then again, when has a new shuttle NOT been satisfying? LOL


  1. The egg is beautiful and looks like it was a lot of work, I'm impressed!

  2. Your egg is impressive love the bead work around it.
    Not seen those shuttles before I am not sure about two bobbins in one, but if you were taking the tatting with you and may runout at least you have another to keep going on.

  3. Your tatted egg shape is beautiful!!! :)

  4. You sure have put a lot of effort into that beautiful egg! I'm not sure I'd have the patience for that. I've been wondering about those shuttles. I suppose I should have some for my collection, even though bobbin shuttles are not my favorite. ;-)