Monday, March 16, 2015

Show me

I picked up some little cubbies to help organize my stickers and add-ons for resin casting. Also it's a place to put motifs that will be joined into larger ones. This way they won't get lost. Or I could even use it to put smaller finished pieces before I decided what to do with them. One great find was a pair of 4X6  photo display frames. I can put diagrammed print outs that I'm tatting in them. They're large enough that I don't overlook what I'm working on but not too large that it takes up too much of my workspace.
I'm going to have start over this year's Renulek Spring Doily. I can't seem to find the one I was working on. I have a feeling it's going to show up after I start the new one. That's usually the way it works out. I began again. I'm still using the grey for the rings and I'm going to continue using different shades of greens for the chains. The beginning round has a bit of blue added to the greens, which I think will be a good choice in case I decide that it's too much green in later rounds. This way the colors will still compliment one another.
The shuttle in the photo is a new one. It was made by Heather Meng's husband. She's on The Shuttle Addicts Facebook page. This one was made of Bamboo. It really is a beautiful shuttle and feels nice in my hands. I restarted the doily last night while waiting for Honey to get off work. The dome lights in the car seem to not be working so I was tatting in the dark with only a small amount of illumination coming from the sign lights above the car. The picots, I made too small, so my work is cupping. On the last thrown ring I didn't let the shuttle spin itself, so when I went to close the ring, it was a twisted mess that wouldn't close all the way. I'm going to continue on anyways. I don't think it'll be noticeable to anyone who doesn't tat.