Friday, March 27, 2015

Tiny shopping

Today's agenda included restocking my resin drawer. To keep from overspending, I only took $40 cash in with me and left my wallet with all the cards in the car. An hour and a half later I come out with this:
Most of their tatting supplies at Hobby Lobby were on clearance. I picked up the ones that were half off. I wanted to get about five of the bone shuttles from Sew-ology, but with only $40 to play with I had to refrain. It was so hard, I keep putting back and picking up..The little red book is a sketchbook for my youngest. She's really into drawing and I prefer she do it there instead of the walls.

The beads will be used for the wedding doily. The hanky just caught my eye. Those Clovers, I couldn't pass up. The last time I can recall them costing less than four dollars for a pair was close to ten years ago, when I first began tatting.


  1. Always fun to set a limit and get a bunch of stuff, makes you feel like your on a game show :)

  2. That was a good haul, and all the more satisfying because there was no overspending involved!

  3. That's a great way to keep from overspending, and you found so much! I'll have to check out our Hobby Lobby today and see if I can find any good sales.

  4. Very diffcult not to overspend when your in a craft shop
    You did well