Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What bunnies lay eggs!

 After finishing off the first round of Renulek's doily, I had major cupping issues. My mistake was that the 5 DS chain section turned to 5-5 section. I added too many double stitches on it. I restarted yet again but took the grey thread out and replaced it with Light Lavender. I also went back to the "just all greens" theme I originally started with. Out went that River Glades color. I may reintroduce it in a later round. The second round I left it all Leafy Greens. I tried with the lavender as the first shuttle but I didn't like how the connecting chains went between crowns. I know I could have simply used the shoe lace trick to switch shuttle colors but after the second repeat I forgot to do it... When I get on a tatting roll, I can't think about anything.
Now that mis-tatting first round didn't end up in the trash can. It fit nicely on a foam egg. I was thinking of what to use to fill up the negative space when I looked up to see the bunny pattern staring right back at me!
 The original pattern didn't have that picot joining the two ears together. Someone in one of the Facebook tatting groups did that as well as adding two double stitches to the head and joining the middle picots of the hands. These tiny modifications seems to have made this bunny a bit more balanced.
In this picture it has all the original stitch counts. The head looks a bit out of shape and the body "off" a bit. Then again, both seem to look good. Okay, I did add the picot between the ears but everything else is as the pattern dictates.
Either way, the two bunnies helped fill that space. Now all this egg needs is a little edging on the sides between the bunnies and a small bit on top. Tatting mistakes re-purposed and you would think it was supposed to be like that!


  1. I love the egg! What a great save on your bit of tatting!

  2. Cute egg! Where did you get the bunny pattern?

  3. Very sweet egg, reminds me I need to get around to this before easter! Maybe

  4. This looks Great ! And in time for the holiday, too :-)
    Is there a link to the bunny pattern , please ?

  5. Looks like you are off to a good start on your doily! :)
    What a great Easter bunny egg!! :)