Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ever wonder

I just finished catching up on the different blogs I follow. Now I don't usually leave comments, although I love reading them on my own blogger. I still do comment on them. Out loud, at home, and sometimes my kids come in wondering who I'm talking to. I was doing that today and my daughter actually thought there was another person here. It got me to thinking of how many others out there do the same as me? Or am I just a little bit nutty? I think I picked up this habit from Honey. He tends to 'talk' to the movies we watch, which can be more amusing then the actual movie sometimes.

I'd like to thank everyone who's interested in my shuttle giveaway and who's entered so far. It strokes my ego nicely to know my efforts and tinkering are actually liked by others besides myself.

I have been working on two different Renulek doilys. I haven't got as far as to finish either row on them. Just a few more repeats and then it's picture time for them.


  1. Sometimes it's very helpful to comment out loud! I know I do it all the time. :-)

  2. While I probably don't comment out loud, I do tend to smile or grin while reading a post or comments, causing some curious looks ;-D
    Oh, your work is very inspiring & beautiful !

  3. Yeah, sometimes I comment out loud, too, but usually don't leave comments on blogs. :-) I usually don't 'join' things - for example, I have not signed up as a 'follower' on anyone's blog. Instead I make it one of my 'favorites' and check each of them every day or two.

  4. I try to leave a comment but I have been lazy recently and not catching up with all the blogs I follow

  5. A snippet for you: My son was mumbling and I couldn't hear him. I asked, "Are you talking to me or to yourself?" He answered, "To myself. I needed an expert opinion."
    ;-) Oh to be 15 again.
    I love your shuttles!