Saturday, April 4, 2015

Renulek' many

 After going through another mini cleaning spree of the crafting table, I noticed that I have quite a few of Renulek's doilys that I've started but never finished. That is my summer to do list. To finish ALL the Renulek doilys. First on the list, The Honey Napkin. It's all shades of purple. I have six of the eighteen rows finished. With this one it seems I did hide the ends as I worked each row. Being worked in size 40 thread.

Then next we have the Snowflake doily. This is being worked in size 20 thread. Only got as far as row 4.

 Next we have her Summer 2014 napkin. Only managed four of the ten rows. Please excuse the dinginess of the white thread on this. She is in sore need of a bath. This is green/white solids in size 30 and 40.
Now there is this year's Spring doily. I restarted three times already. The first time was with charcoal as the solid color I was going to use throughout the piece. Then I switched it up and tried a different variegated thread but messed up on that. The final start I went with a lavender for the solid color and variegated greens for the chaining. Which was the original coloring scheme.

I had a few "Oopsies" moments on this. On the second row I left out a picot on one of the chains. I cut just that portion out and split chain fixed it. I'm trying to be less wasteful with my threads. I'm tempted to switch back to the charcoal color but maybe this lavender will pan out in the end. I should have hid those ends as I worked but didn't. At least I had enough sense to leave the tails long so they can be properly hid. The only knots that should be see are those on purpose: The DS!


  1. They are all beautiful and worth finishing. I have so many unfinished items - but not as far along as any of these!

  2. You're going to have some lovelies! I admire your plan to complete them. Look forward to seeing them finished.

  3. Both are going to look lovely, I will be looking forward to how you get on
    I wish you a happy Easter hope you get some more tatting done on your doilys

  4. They're all beautiful, and certainly worth finishing!

  5. Wow, well done you for setting this goal, and for having the thread to finish your projects! Good luck! :)

  6. I have enjoyed blog hopping and seeing all the color choices for this pattern. What a challenging project! So pretty so far