Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Summer is half done and so is one of the Renulek doilies. I'm not sure how I feel about the color in this round. I like that it pops, and is vibrant. Then I was thinking it's too vibrant. That could of course change, depending on what colors are used on the next rows. Staring at it in varies lighting, I could say that the row before it could be interpreted as a little water spring and the brightness could be fresh grass.
The rest of the progress..

I'm also debating whether to enter in this year's fair. I still have 4 weeks before the entries close to decide. Part of me wants to enter, while another is seriously discouraged by the obvious preferences for quilts. I do not sew, but I can understand and respect the time and effort that may go into making a quilt. Still, ALL handcrafted items fall into that same category. Being limited to only two items is also a hurdle. How can you decide on what to enter to demonstrate what Tatting is to people who probably never heard of it before? At least I have time on my side, so for now I'll start the two projects that I would enter, so if I decide to go forward they'll be more or less ready.


  1. Your doily is looking wonderful!! :)

  2. It's beautiful! I might have gone for a more muted green, but I like the way this one pops.

  3. I love your colours! I understand your frustration in having to compete with quilting, but perhaps you could think that your entries will expose people to tatting, even if they don't win prizes?

  4. The colours are just right, and you must enter one of your projects into the fair, tatting needs to be shown.