Sunday, July 26, 2015

Testing my resolve

 This poor shuttle has been maimed. I don't know how it happened, as it was in my tatting bag, safe. When I went to pull it out, I found it like this. This was one of the bone shuttles that I picked up from Hobby Lobby a few weeks back. If I had been able to find the broken part, I was going to attempt to "fix it" and then put it out to, display only collection box. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Now I'm contemplating throwing it away or putting it in the display box with the chipped side hidden.

With one month until the closing dates for the fair, I was going through the patterns I had available to me. I can only put in two entries for tatting, so it is going to be hard to settle. It has to be dramatic enough to catch the eye, but not too much that the pattern is hard to make out. I decided to use solid colors only. I started by going through my WIPS, and found Teri's Spider Fantasia doily that I began with two different sized threads. I love the look of it and since the pattern is not written out, it was something that would challenge me. Now before I get judged for 'copy tatting', Teri has in fact invited Tatland to make this. There is the base of the pattern released, the Fantasia Fan, but the rest has to be deciphered from the CGI she made on her computer.

I wound up some bobbin shuttles with size 80 thread, because if I'm challenging myself, I better do it right and go all the way! I am going to avoid cutting and tying wherever possible and for however long I possibly can. The first fan cluster wasn't too difficult, just a few split rings and thrown rings and a self closing mock ring. The first 3 ring chain is a bit loose so I went and changed to half finished rings then split ring tatted on the way back.These look more 'natural'. There was no way to start off in the center again, since I refused to Cut and Tie, so I had to get creative on the next set of split rings. On the butterflies, I found a couple of Self Closing Mock Rings were the answer. After closing the mock ring, I "tied" the thread to the previous ring to keep it from opening up or warping. It's not really noticeable is it?
 I've finished two clusters and am starting the third one. Then I'll have to get creative again on how to do all the rings that create that chain lining. Going up and down the track will obviously be split rings. When I get to the point where there's the butterfly with the ring coming off it, I think I'm going to have to sketch possible climb outs. After beginning the second cluster, it tatted up pretty quickly, meaning a few hours verses a couple of
This will definitely need a bath after I finish this cluster. Maybe I'll wait until I finish one of the 'triangle heart sections' before I do that. Or until the bobbins run out of thread and I have to reload.
If I can get at least half of this doily finished in the next two weeks, I'm going to go ahead and pay the entry fees and find another non-doily tatting project to enter.


  1. Good luck! I hope the judges will appreciate the challenges you're setting yourself.