Friday, September 18, 2015

Deja vu

Ever spend so much time on a pattern that it's all you think about? I must have redone this pattern so many times that I basically have the no-pattern project mapped out completely in my head. Yes, I'm referring to the Fantasia Spider doily. It started out with a simple fascination, it has now turned into a major UFO. Good news is that I've finally settled on what thread type and color. Finally. This is the box I've been keeping most of the 'scraps' and WIPs of this project.

 I love this blue color. I normally was using one strand of the metallic thread I picked up, but I was curious as to how big it could turn out with two strands. The answer: HUGE. This is only one of the clusters. There is a total of 16 in this doily!
 It would be an interesting piece of work at that size, but my hands prefer the not so roughness of one strand verses two strands of metallic thread.
 I finally settled on starting the center clusters with this darker fuchsia color and working the outer rounds in the light lilac color. These are two different manufacturers of thread being used. The Lilac is DMC, the fuchsia is Artiste. I was also able to finally settle on how to start the center connector of all the chains so it would be stable and appealing. This is still pretty much continously worked with split rings, SCMRs, and half rings split ring trailed backed. Thankfully, I only will have a few strands to hide, mostly in the larger clusters.
 While cleaning again, I found Renulk's doily from this year. It's hard to make out the next round I began, the flash seems to drown out the color a lot.
Finally, we have another shuttle prototype I'm working on. I'm trying to do layered painting in resin when I create this particular shuttle. With UV resin it works out great. The problem is that UV resin will turn an ugly yellow the longer it's exposed to the sun. I ordered a new type of resin to work with, it cures much quicker than the other brand I was using. I'm really curious to find out if this will work out.

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  1. I love seeing all your pieces of tatting like that! I tend to avoid metallic threads because of the feel. What a cute little goldfish shuttle!