Friday, October 23, 2015

Potential treasure hunts

I finally took the dive and began Jan Stawasz's Monster doily. I just grabbed whatever was on the shuttle with a hook and matched up the second shuttle based off that color. I seem to be working with very very fine threads right now.
I couldn't just do it plain. Okay, slightly plain. I seen so many beautiful combinations of solid and verigated threads out there. I didn't want to do varigated on this one because there is too much motif play in this particular pattern and I didn't have it in me to "map out" possible color combinations. I did want to break up the simple monotony of just two colors so I came up with the idea to switch shuttles between the elements of different rows. I just adore the little white arrow play in the clovers. What I don't care for is how quickly my white thread seems to get dirty. Okay, I know it's nothing a simple washing will cure, but the downside is that it's tempting me to introduce more colors into this project. This portion did not take very long to tat, just a couple of days. It will however take much longer as we begin the crazy shopping season in my retail world. It is very therapeutic to tat during my breaks and since it's being tatted in size 80/70 thread it's also very convenient to carry around.

I picked up another 'box' for my projects.I was drawn to it because it has that tiered shelf in it. Plus it was clear so I can see what I have in it before I end up picking up the wrong project box. For $3 USD, I couldn't pass it up. I was wondering around WalMart and remembered seeing a post about tatting with fishing line. Or maybe it was a Facebook post, either way, I was there and had time to kill...I picked up the finest line that was under $6 because I had already found that box and I limited myself to only spend ten dollars there.
I wound up one of my metal bobbin shuttles with the line. This was slippery to work with. Not exactly difficult, but you do have to pay more attention to how you form your double stitches and you have to tat slightly loose. I made the mistake to tat with my normal tension and it just kept becoming a tangled mess that would not close. Needle tatting would probably be easier, but I couldn't find my needles. If you want to try this, I highly recommend using bobbin shuttles, not post shuttles. The reason being that the line will get more kinks in it form the shuttle tips clicking over it as you wind.

This little ring was a fifth attempt at finding the right tension. The picots can be made and actually kept their size/shape, with some careful manipulation. The trick I found was to make the second and first part of the double stitches slightly tighter than the rest of the tension when you form that picot. When you close the ring pull up a small bit on the picot to finish forming it. This little ring is so pretty, it will make such beautiful snowflakes.

We have a wonderful lady who is going to retire in a month from my work. I want to make her a doily as a retirement gift. She loves my lace and wears all the little titbits and such I make her. Last time I made a gift for someone retiring, it was this one.
I want to make something similar but not the same. I have a some of this same color and another that I can expand into that will blend nicely.


  1. Your Monster Doily is looking wonderful already!!! :)

  2. The first thing I noted in your doily was the "white arrows". They are a great spot of interest.

  3. I like your combination of black and white. Isn't it interesting how this doily can look so different when different colors are used?