Saturday, November 21, 2015

Speed tatting

The motif mat has been scrapped. Instead, I'm working another Jan Stawasz pattern. I only have until next Saturday to finish this gift for the coworker who is retiring. Only 7 days! I have to say, tatting up the center of it was very time consuming for such a simple looking pattern. It was done continuously with split chains and rings to cut down on hiding ends.
The next part also seems deceivingly simple. It consists of adding these three extensions so that the next square motifs will lie flat. The motifs aren't even that big. It shouldn't take more than thirty minutes to tat up. That first one took two hours. Mostly because it was a color conflicts, that I kept cutting off the motifs. I want the colors to blend into the each other, however I've pretty much depleted the lavender that I used for the center.
Then there was the whole issue with keeping it out of the way. I managed to pin it back with the edges still open for me to attach to. There's unfortunately no avoiding hiding ends here. When I branch out to the other motifs that fill in the center, it should be easier. I'm planning on using the variegated dark purple that make up the rings in the connection motifs.

I would have preferred to stay with solid colors, but my purple supply is very limited. When this is finished, I can go back to working with resin. Here are some more fishing line tatting.

The star is also a Jan Stawasz pattern and the little "flower" is "Snowdrop" by Jennifer Williams.


  1. Wow I don't recall seeing that JS pattern it is beautiful! and the snowdrops are wonderful always lovely to see your tatting :)

  2. Love your speed tatting !!! The snowdrops have a delicate transparency that is very appealing.

  3. Sie knüpfen ein schönes Muster und das so schnell. Sehr schön und sehr fleissig!

  4. Hope you get it finished in time, looking a lovely piece of tatting

  5. Beautiful! Yes, some motifs are not as simple or quick as they appear. I wonder if sometimes it would be quicker to just hide ends!