Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Update and Wedding plans

Which projects should I begin with? This year was extremely time-consuming so crafting of any kind was almost non existent this last month. I managed to tat up three snowflakes. Sad, really, when the urge to tat was strong but the will to stay up and actually do so, was not.
Trying to get that snowflake into that ball was a challenge. The inital entry was easy, rolled it up and popped it in. The issue was flattening it back out so it's shape could be seen. I tried those craft sticks, my crochet hooks, anything thin enough to pass through the opening. Should I ever feel the need to do this again, I'm purchasing balls that are two pieces that split instead of one solid ornament.

A few weeks ago on one of my feeds, I found this post by Carollynn. It inspired me to try and make one myself. I didn't get very far when I lost interest. This wasn't because the doily was too complicated, it was once again, lack of time to tat.
I do want to be able to go back and finish this because the finished doily was beautiful. With Christmas now over and my IRL work life going back to a normal routine, I can now tat. I realized that my brother-in-laws wedding is in a mere 3 months and I haven't really started the wedding doily requested of me. I got to work. After finishing the first corner of this doily I showed it to the bride to be. I also showed her another heart that I began with a brighter rayon thread verses the lime green of the cotton.
CGI pattern by Teri Dusenbury based off the Heart O'Daisy pattern
I bought this thread because it seemed to match the lime green that the doily was originally started with. I was afraid I would run out of the cotton thread. I had to split the skein to just one strand to get close to the size of the other (size 40).
It wasn't a match after all. The rayon tats up just a little bit smaller and the color is so much more vibrant. It makes the lime green look dingy and washed out. She prefers the brighter rayon. The positive is that if I need more thread I can go to any of my local crafts stores as they all carry this color thread in everyday stock. Staying with the wedding color theme, it was decided that the connecting flower patch should be white and the butterfly in the center black. We were going to do the flowers in black and the butterfly white (which would make a more dramatic piece in my opinion) but didn't want the black to be too overpowering.
 I made a few other tries changing the outer chaining to black and while I liked that one more, this is not my wedding. She still preferred the clovers to be all green. I also made the mistake and added one too many rings on the chaining section.

When I went to join the first heart to the center flowers, I realized I was one ring short in that flower cluster. I have to cut that off and began again. The heart pattern itself, for me, tats up in an hour or two normally. However, when working with rayon thread that time is not a good indicator. After every ring, I have to condition it because rayon thread tends to fray rather badly.

 My poor little container of Thread Heaven was pretty low and it was becoming more and more difficult to be able to pass the thread along it. I pulled it out and transferred it to one of the smaller containers meant to house my glitter. At this moment, I can't screw the top on it because of the bulge. This same bulge makes it incredibly easy to pass the thread over to condition it though.


  1. The wedding doily looks stunning! I can't wait to see more.

  2. The wedding project would be too much pressure for me! You're very generous to take it on!

    You might try the 'flattened' clear balls (an ellipsoid shape) that they sell at Michaels. I'm sure your motif will fit nicely in there. (And you could very lightly stiffen it.) They are also acrylic and won't break.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the wedding doily when it's finished
    Happy new year

  4. Those flat balls are in Hobby Lobby also. They are glass. Do stiffen your snowflake a bit and then when it's in the ball use a slim knitting needle to pull it open. Takes a little patience but not impossible.